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What we offer

US Debt Solutions, LLC is a debt settlement company targeting consumers subpoenaed to appear in court for non-payment of delinquent debt(s). Our service seeks to provide relief from litigation of delinquent credit card and personal debts through negotiating reduced debt settlements with the plaintiff’s attorney. The service begins with a consultation with one of our Client Managers to better understanding the client’s unique situation. Whether their financial picture has been negatively impacted by a loss of employment, mounting medical bills, separation, divorce, death of a spouse, tax levies, or other life altering causes, we can assist with settling their credit card and personal debts after they have been served with a notice to appear in court.

The business model of US Debt Solutions differs greatly from the vast majority of other debt settlement companies who are engaged in this business. Their process usually requires consumers to make monthly payments to a bank escrow account until there is enough money for the debt settlement company to negotiate with creditors, usually 24 months. While the consumer is making payments into the escrow account, they are not paying their creditors. These debt settlement companies will not accept a client who is in litigation. The business model of US Debt Solutions solely targets those consumers who are in litigation and offer our services to negotiate the debt settlement and come to an agreement with the plaintiff’s attorney prior to the court date.


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1 (301) 328-8530

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